WordReport keeps your clients and end-users happy with professional, perfectly-formatted reports in Microsoft Word and OpenOffice formats.

WordReport allows you to prepare templates in MS Word (.docx) or OpenOffice (.odt), then plug in values from your LiveCode stack to create reports on the fly. With images, optional replacements, loops, text styles, and Unicode, plus any formatting you can imagine in your template files, it’s a full-featured report solution!

WordRepor t Sample Report
(Screenshot of a generated report with inserted data)


What you can do:

  • Create good-looking professional reports for MS Word and OpenOffice
  • Automate office document creation
  • Impress clients with powerful report-generating capabilities
  • Generate invoices and other business documents using LiveCode
  • Format output data just the way you want it
  • Merge customized letters, proposals, catalogs, lists, tables, flyers, posters, printouts, worksheets, etc.
  • Add powerful document support to your applications
  • Tame Word, Open Office, and LiveCode to obey your every command when it comes to reports

More benefits and features:

  • Stunning reports with pre-formatted templates plus additional styles supported within your data
  • Easy data export utilizing arrays and insertion tags
  • Attractive and helpful images are swapped with placeholders to create richly-illustrated documents
  • Quick solutions for software products and office workflow
  • Powerful reporting options with loops and optional text for complex reports
  • Complete system includes extra functions for stripping tags from formatted text and formatting numbers with commas
  • Endless possibilities for innovative custom reports

WordReport exports text and image data to your pre-formatted templates for professional report quality. Supported document types are MS Word 2007+ (.docx) and OpenOffice (.odt).

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— Place data into your array:
put field “customerName” into tData[“

— Generate your report
wordReport tTemplateFilePath,tReportFilePath,tData

Try and Buy links:

Download WordReport 1.0

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(Remember to unzip the download package before running the Try WordReport stack.)


LiveCode or Revolution, version 4.0 or later, is recommended.
(Rev Media is not supported.)

Windows and Mac are supported. (If you test on Linux, let me know the results!)

WordReport does the reporting work by itself, but you’ll need MS Word or OpenOffice to create templates. (OpenOffice is a free download.)


You can try out WordReport for personal, non-commercial uses without any enforced time restrictions, but if you use the library regularly, please register. In trial/free mode you will see a reminder/about notice inserted at the beginning of a document, and reporting will be disabled in standalone applications and the Revolution Player.

For non-personal or commercial/paid uses, including commercial software, freeware/shareware, consulting or contracting, use for work or at schools or organizations, etc., you must register. The license is delivered immediately after you place your order. Site license available on request.

(Contact the author if you are interested in licensing for use in an add-on or development tool, which is not covered by the regular license.)