Need Excel files in LiveCode? SpreadLib has you covered!

Display a spreadsheet in an LC field with a single statement. It’s a one-liner in the Curry K. tradition, keeping things simple but powerful. (You also have an array with additional information about each cell, just in case you want it a little more complicated.)

Just as you’ve come to expect, SpreadLib is the genuine article, natively reading and writing the Excel file format since 2012 with no “middle man” and no dependencies other than LiveCode and its standard libraries. You don’t even need MS Office installed. Don’t settle for imitation products that rely on Microsoft or other methods; you deserve the real thing! (And you deserve SpreadLib’s pricing, delivering more for less.)

Download SpreadLib 0.3 and purchase at eSellerate.

A great update is coming up with emphasis on SpreadOut!


(Also check out rGrid which works well with SpreadLib.)