LiveCode addons to empower your projects

Feature heavy and coder friendly, Curry’s LiveCode extensions deliver great features to your LC apps!

Are you ready for Microsoft Office import-export? Go boldly ahead, because these addons have your back. WordLib reads a document into a LiveCode field, and WordOut writes a field back out to MS Word file format.

SpreadLib does both; it reads and writes Excel spreadsheets. (SpreadOut is currently included at no additional charge.) FieldTrip provides a text styling toolbar for your fields.

No middle man, no need for Office to be installed, no dependencies other than LiveCode and its standard libraries. (BTW, the Community edition of LC does not support proprietary addons, so be sure to grab one of the other editions!)

Something else big is on the way from Curry K. to make your coding experience even better! Details will be available soon.

If you need a seasoned LiveCode expert at your side to tame scripts, stare down problems, and wrap LC around your finger, you can look up Curry’s consulting page here. (And here.)